I am just surprise.. this month we have so many pink orders :)

So i decided to sharing some of our works here for our couples.

Carnation bouquet












In different shades of pink carnations. They really give the fluffy effect that we love!
And they survived very well in singapore hot hot hot weather.



Fushia roses hydrangeas









A combi of fushia roses and hydrangeas.  The pair of butterflies are actually “zhng” with crystals. Pardon my poor photography skill that they aren’t clear in this picture. Also added in some light pink sweet william to balance up the colour. This is definitely an attention grabbing bouquet :)

Combi pink












This bouquet was an surprise for the bride from the groom. He had emailed us secretly to include in a bridal bouquet to be presented to her during the church wedding.  We decided to go with the flow and created a gardenish combi bouquet for the bride that matches what we are going to decor for her church wedding. I hope she love the surprise!


Fushia pink wrist








Of course… customised wrist corsages in pearls for one of our brides.  This is hand made and we can customise them in any colour that is matching to your theme.

Both James n I just wanted to thank you and your mum for the beautiful fresh bouquet
of flowers and corsages for me, bridesmaid, James, groomsmen n our family! The
flowers were exactly how I envisaged them to look! I love it!!

Some photos that Shaun from Walldrobe Photography has shared with me. Here you go! :)

june bride 2

** June & James are both working overseas in Australia and we mainly liaise over the emails :) So happy she love what we did for her and awaiting more pics from her photographer :)


Dear Lindt,

It’s been awhile and hope all has been well for you. :) Heard that Bedok 85 is undergoing renovations for a year, I hope that doesn’t affect you too much! In any case, I’ve finally got all my photos from the wedding and would like to share some of them with you.

Once again, a huge huge thank you for the beautiful flowers and the setup. Thank you for being so thoughtful in remembering the details of our wedding and making sure that the flower/deco fit the entire event, and for being so patient and accommodating when it comes to our not so typical requests. Well, I did not manage to view the setup before the ceremony, but I was happily surprised when I walked down the aisle and saw how pretty the aisle stands, the balloons, petals and the flower arch was! The flower arch was one big highlight of the space, so thank you for taking the effort to put it together based on a very random picture I had sent to your for inspiration.

Not forgetting, I adored my hand bouquet! Went so perfectly with my gown (wide big grin) :) And oh, thank you for throwing in the matching corsages for the groomsmen as well. We really appreciate the thoughtful gesture!

Last but not least, it was indeed a pleasure working with you! We really enjoyed meeting you and really appreciated all the kind advice that you had given us.

From the both of us, we wish 85 flowers all the very best and we hope that your business will reach greater heights!

PSS: We’re holding our customary wedding next Jan, so I reckon we would be in touch with you very soon for those lovely flowers. :)

Cheers, Sharon and Nash
11.12.11 @ The Asian Civilisations Museum



Hi Lindt,

Happy 2012! Hope this year is bigger, better and sweeter for you and your loved ones.

I would like to thank you for your very very lovely flowers for our wedding in Bali last September ‘11.

Thank you so much for packaging them so nicely and neatly for my cousin, Paurene, to bring to Bali. The flowers were very still fresh on the wedding day (Phew!) and the colours were exactly what i imagined it to be :)

Thanks so much for your help Lindt, Glenn and I really appreciate it. Hope you enjoy the attached photos :)

Take care and much love,

Glenn and Angelin


Hi Mrs Teo and Lindt
Photos “hot n fresh” from my photographer!
Appreciated the help and services rendered to me for my BIG day on 11.11.11.
Attached are some photos of the wrist corsages,bridal car and my bridal bouquet!
Lastly Thanks so much and hope 85 Flowers will end 2011 with a blast and great year
in 2012!! 
11th Nov 2011


Dear Lindt,

Hope you are well! It’s been a while, and we are finally settled back in London!

I just wanted to say thank you so much again for providing our personal wedding
flowers. It’s been such a joy working with you and the flowers are gorgeous! My
bouquet lasted through the whole day too.. and just as well, as we had an impromptu
bouquet toss at the end of the evening :)

I thought I’d send some pictures. You might also like to know that we have a feature
in ExtraOrdinary Weddings..and of course, I’ve recommended you on the Dream Team


Thank you once again, and the very best of wishes to you.



Dear Lindt and Mrs Teo,

my wedding pics are hot from the oven, would like to say a great thank you
for your services,

was particularly impressed when Mrs Teo informed me that she had went to
check the peonies 1 week before our actual day .

thanks to her, i now have a even more unique bouquet.

Once again , thanks so much,

attached are some pics of the bouquet and car deco

Diana Zheng


I received lovely photos from Diana !  She looked so happy for her wedding :)



Special credits to:

NicoleHi Lindt & Mdm Teo,

Thank you so much for the beautiful tulips bouquet and flowers made for my
ROM in February. Sorry for taking so long to send u the pictures. Have been
busy planning for my banquet. =p



Received a very sweet sms with beautiful pics from Anitha that brightens my day :)

The bouquet was beautiful…. Thank You!


Part 2 of our fruits collection

This time with red apples, love the vibrant colour matches with the blinks crystals. Definitely a headturner hand bouquet!

Of course, special thanks to Trina who trusted us with this important task. This idea was born after the bride told us that her nickname was Apple :)

Apple bouquet

Apple bouquet2

Pictures pictures pictures from the lovely couple!

Prakash and Suba have engaged us for the big day held at Hort Park.  We are happy to work with her for almost every single item involved their wedding :) Wedding cars, Venue decorations, bridal bouquet, bridemaid bouquet, groomman and family corsages.  The couple decided to going for a very loud  theme with many butterflies for their wedding. We have artificial butterflies decorated on almost everything even on the wedding cake! haha!

Here, let’s the pictures do the talking!




More beautiful pictures on this wedding have been updated in our venue decoration gallery.
You can click on the below link to access to the page.
Click me!


I always think once in a lifetime…
a girl should own an item from that shop that comes with the Little Blue Box.

And now the bridal car come with it!  A Big Blue Tiffany & Co Box :)

tiffany car

 *I do wonder if the groom put something special in the big box for her bride*

And of course, they are Just Married!
And how about a matching hand bouquet?

tiffany car 2

tiffany car bouquet

Dear Mrs Teo & Lindt,

First & foremost, both me and my husband would like to thank you for the wonderful
warm service that you and your mum has provided. Although i had only 1 meetup with
your mum at the market when i came back to Singapore for that 1 short trip to
finalise everything, we were very happy with your mum’s advise as well as yours on
the flowers.

Have attached some photos and here’s also wishing 85flowers’s business to bloom
prosperously like flowers :)

Thank you both once again :D

Cheng Teng & Alexandre

chengteng final



Dear Lindt and 85 flowers team,

This testimonial came rather late! Nevertheless, i would like to thank you for such a awesome bouquet that you guys have created! It came to a surprise for me when Mrs Teo offered to give some extra flowers to be used as hair accessories during the photoshoot!

The bouquet was nicely wrapped and the ribbon for the bouquet fit my gown sash PERFECTLY. :) I had actually wanted aliums for my photoshoot bouquet. However, aliums are seasonal flowers and it would definitely cost alot more. Imagine how i squealed in delight when i found out that you guys have an alternative and it was exactly what i would like to have for the bouquet! Not to mention, the flowers really stood the test of heat! They were still looking fresh and happy on the 2nd day!

I have attached a few photos for you!

Once again, thank you so much! :)


jaslyn combi


Hi Lindt,

It has been a great & happy experience engaging your services for bridal bouquet, car deco, corsages & venue decor. Appreciate all the helpful suggestions and honest opinions you’ve given too. Attached are some of the the pictures that speak a thousand words.

The complimentary hair flowers that you gave generously came as a pleasant surprise! It totally enhanced my make-up & hairdo for the evening @ HortPark. Your passion and enthusiasm in providing the best for every couple’s Big day could be felt while liasing with you throughemail and via phone. Wanna encourage you and Mrs Teo to keep up the wonderful work!

May God flourish your business abundantly as you continue to give your best for each client that comes knocking on your door… =)

Cheers and God bless,

Francis & Lijuan =)



 Dear Lindt,

 Thank you for the lovely bouquet & the car decoration. I really love it very much.

 As you may know, I am a lazy bride. I don’t even choose the flower colour / type /theme but just telling you my gown’s colour and preference then you can make it so wonderful for me. Thank you once again!

 Attached some of the photos to share. Will definitely recommend to other friends.
Ps: my friend – Jessica also your client o! Ha^^


Robin & WeeChin
(06 Mar 2011)


Dear Lindt,

This note was late as I was waiting for the pictures.
Siong Huat & I wanted to thank you so much for the lovely bouquet.
I really love it very much.

(Yes, I am still gushing over my bouquet, ha! Kept a picture of it in my
handphone to look at it)

Our sincere thanks for your help and wonderful service.

Siong Huat & Weiting


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