Yeh, i know…. balloons are usually associated with children party. haha!

But with the right balloon colour and style choosen, it can brighten up any weddings as decor props too!


- Gold balloons tied with black lace.  The gold give a grand effect, while the black complement it with a mystic and interesting feel. @ACM asian civilisations museum


- Heartshape balloons . Fushia and white give a very sweet yet striking love in the air feel. Prefect for an outdoor wedding! @Safra NSRCC

- Transparent balloon.  Love bubbles but they disappear really fast?  Transparent balloon are the new “in” props to resolve your problem. Totally love the soft magical feel :) @ The Art House – gallery room

Hi Lindt,

Sorry for the delay. I have been busy for my assignments and final exam non-stop
since my ROM. Finally have time to sort out the pictures.
Thanks for the wonderful favors that enables us to share the sweetness with our guests.
And the hydrangea flower stand has become the most popular photo zone for all my

And the cauliflower bouquet has caused some wow here and there from my guests. They
all love it and play around with it, although I heard that the best man who got the
bouquet had given to his mother for cooking curry.
And I love the main table area, it is so sweet and delightful to have some balloons
floating and most of the guests took the balloons before leaving. And thank you for
fulfilling my dream to have a martini glass of roses as table arrangement! It looked
so glamorous.

Last but not least, I would like to thank for your effort for making me a happy
bride! You are patient to discuss the details with me, and try your best to fulfill
all my requests within a limited budget. Good job and keep it on!

Regards,Elaine & Wai Hong

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