I still remember in Jun 2009, we started a very simply multiply site webbie for our flower stall.  It was my very 1st attempt to doll up a website to showcase our flowers decor.  Initially my mum was not very enthusiastic about it. She is not sure how the response to the website would be as we are only a small stall in the market.

After much discussion, we came to a consensus that this webbie is not going to be just any webbie showing what our services is all about. We want to connect to our clients. This webbie is going to be very personal, showing and telling you all of what we can do to help you on your big day.

I also shared my wedding joy with many of you out there when i got married in Oct’09.  I shared how my photoshoots, my very comical gate crash video, and most of all importantly…. I found FRIENDSHIP with many brides. This is something that i never expected, I TREASURED everyone of you which treat me as a close pal now. Some of the husband even emailed me to order flowers secretly for their wife :)

Our old webbie  www.85flowers.multiply.com would still be around, however all new information would be updated in this new webbie www.85flowers.com.sg .

All the past testimonial and journals can be found here too!


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After 4 months of hard work from the designers (My bestie Candice and her partner Selvi), www.85flowers.com.sg had at long last launched! Yippy!

We have taken quite abit of time sorting out all the photos, going through all the testimonials given by customers and managing the on-going weddings at the same time.  But hey! We love doing it all!

I once asked my mummy a question:  “Why do you work so hard?”

She replied: “For my personal passion; if you take pleasure in what you do, you will never find it hard at all”

That’s right! How many of you will really find passion in your work? My mum did, and I slowly realised that I do as well. We enjoyed handling all the customers’ enquiries. (Yes, do keep them coming!)  We love the great sense of satisfaction after completion of every single wedding items and decor. We love meeting up with couples and enjoy listening to their love stories. When we see the smile on the couple’s faces, we knew we have accomplished to deliver the best for their once in a life-time wedding affair.

Finally, we hope this new website would gives us the foundation for a deeper and useful interaction with you;  from current customers to people who are looking for something special for their weddings.

Happy surfing! :)

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