Happy CNY and Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Some of you might know that I didn’t accept much bouquet orders 3 years ago as my gal was born on 13th Feb.  I remb i was lying on the bed and giving out instructions non-stop (from orders to message on the card … to where to find my files in my laptop etc) the nurse was telling me that its time to stop talking and concentrate on my labour!

Times flies and now she is 3! Her birthday is today (and dear mummy forgot to order her fav mickey mouse icecream cake because I was too busy with V day flowers). So I thought I will delicate a post to her instead.

We did a photoshoot a few weeks ago with our friend Adrian. He must be one of the most patient guy I ever seen. So detailed and meticulous. I am so sorry we have to cut short our outdoor photoshoot (yes we only spend 5mins outdoor), because my gal hates the grass and sand. *Over pampered!*

And he specialise in photography and videography for wedding! Oh he also took our services when he got married :)

Adrian – Unique-Colours Creative Media
Contact: 91444537
Website: http://www.unique-colours.com

Lulu 3 yrs- resizelucinda 6-rezie
lucinda bouquet - sz
L for Luc, Lindt, Lucinda = Love! ( We do have the L.O.V.E up for rental !)

And also thanks for my another dear friend – Huiling for dolling me up!
Her contact: 97438960
Her FB: http://www.facebook.com/LingPalette

See my lovely hairdo!

lucinda mummy hair resize
And lastly……

My fav pic! :)

lucinda 1-resize

Flowers and props- definitely by me! 85 Flowers :)

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