Dear Lindt

Apologies for writing an email that is more than one year past our wedding :)

We were looking back at the photos taken during our wedding day, and would like to
thank you again for your efforts in setting up the floral arrangements for the venue
as well as the very-very vintage wedding van. It was just only a pity that the
weather turned after the decorations were set up and we didn’t manage to have our
solemnisation at the pretty garden.  But we managed to capture some of those moments
just before the rain and are sharing it with you here :)

We really appreciate your suggestions and honest opinions during the preparations.
It helped make our decision making fast and the whole processs enjoyable. Thank you
once again! It was a blessing having you as our florist.  

Best regards,Candice &
Kenny p/s: I hope the white canvas has come in useful. :)

Candicefinal 2

Hi Lindt…

Just thought of sharing with you a pretty shot of the pretty bouquet you made!
Thanks! Everyone commented that it’s nice! More photos of the flowers! They were v






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