Dear Lindt,

Apologies for not emailing you back in January when our wedding was over
(Wedding Date: 27th January 2013, Venue – Chijmes Chapel). Congratulations
on your new born baby! I certainly hope this email finds you recovering
well; and finds both mother and baby in the pink of health.

I am writing this email because Robert and I would like to extend our
deepest gratitude to you.
We were pleasantly surprised by the exceptional service you gave us; it is
rare indeed to find someone truly enthusiastic, committed and fiercely
passionate about their work – and you belong to this rare group.

You were able to give extremely sound and sensible advice regarding the
arrangements/bouquets for bride/bridesmaids. We really appreciate you for
this as we were quite clueless

Customer service quality – From beginning to end you were professional,
positive and very prompt. You also ensured that you assuaged all of my
worries and you “managed the bride” extremely well. I am deeply grateful
to you for this. My father also says that working with you was a real

Honesty, Transparency and Sincerity – We felt that you dealt with us very
fairly and went out of your way to give us the price breakdowns – this
transparency made us trust you / your judgment, and it felt more like you
were a partner rather than a vendor

Results – On that day, many guests were gushing about the decor and the
flowers. Even Watabe Wedding (the venue vendors who we decided to stop
working with) were astounded by the size, the colours and quality of the
bouquets/flowers. It was indeed elegant, classy and very overwhelmingly

So, thankĀ  you, thank you and thank you again.
We will definitely recommend you to our friends/acquaintances – and it
would be our pleasure to work with you again if the opportunity ever

Georgia Tan-Leland

Wedding at Chijmes (Venue decor, bridal bouquet, corsages, car decor)

Chijmes final1Chijmes final2Chijmes final3Chijmes final4

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