Dear Lindt,

Thanks alot once again for your help i gotten from you and your mum on that day!!
The flowers were really nice and i love it alot :D

Sorry i din manage to get a close up on the bouquet, but everyone was “wow” by the
ring pillow and i love it alot too…
Attached is the closed up on the ring pillow pics :D

Once again, i really thanks alot of making my day so prefect on my day…
And will look for you when we need flowers again on our actual day!! :D

Thanks so much heheh :D

Warmest Regards,

Ring pillow carnation-final

One fine day, i received a sms from 2 guys that needed our assistance in decorating a wedding venue.

So we meet up , and they are so young!
Turn out that they are helping to film a video showcasing a local band – The Summer State.

Seeing them with so much passion for their work, i decided to help them out with a very special rate and rendered as much assistance i could to them. Decorations done up on the pews, aisle, backdrop, reception table, hand bouquet and corsages.

And ta-dah!

Here is the link to the wonderful MTV done up :

Official Music Video :

Making of the Music Video

Enjoy! The song would be on 98.7FM too! Do support them! :)



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