Dear Lindt

Apologies for writing an email that is more than one year past our wedding :)

We were looking back at the photos taken during our wedding day, and would like to
thank you again for your efforts in setting up the floral arrangements for the venue
as well as the very-very vintage wedding van. It was just only a pity that the
weather turned after the decorations were set up and we didn’t manage to have our
solemnisation at the pretty garden.  But we managed to capture some of those moments
just before the rain and are sharing it with you here :)

We really appreciate your suggestions and honest opinions during the preparations.
It helped make our decision making fast and the whole processs enjoyable. Thank you
once again! It was a blessing having you as our florist.  

Best regards,Candice &
Kenny p/s: I hope the white canvas has come in useful. :)

Candicefinal 2

Hi Lindt…

Just thought of sharing with you a pretty shot of the pretty bouquet you made!
Thanks! Everyone commented that it’s nice! More photos of the flowers! They were v






Hi Lindt!

You probably don’t remember me but I engaged your services in November 2011 :)
Recently, my husband and I attended a wedding and while we reminisced about the good
moments we had, we can’t help but recall with fondness the beautiful hand bouquet
and car decor you had contributed that made the wedding even more beautiful.

It’s with much regret that I’d only sent in my compliments to you almost 2 years
later (with a kiddo in tow already hehe).

Thank you for the wonderful service you had rendered to us.

We will definitely recommend 85 flowers to our friends who need
floral services.

Best regards,


Ho final 1

Ho final 2

Hi Lindt,

I’m En En and I got married on 12 Jan 2013. I had engaged your car rental +
bridal bouquet services last year.

I just wanted to say I absolutely love the bouquet so much!
Blue/turquoise/purple are my favourite colours and seeing it definitely
makes me extremely happy. We enjoyed your service very much. You’re a warm,
smiley lady that made the whole coordinating process very enjoyable!

Despite not being able to have the black bmw due to a servicing that
unfortunately clash with my wedding date, but the silver one is just as
pretty. It was a mad rush that day and I only felt regretful that I didn’t
take more pics of/with the lovely car bridal decorations.

Anyway, I’ve attached several photos of the bouquet & the car for you. You
may choose/use whichever you think it’s appropriate.

Many loves,
En En

Enen final

EnEn final2

Dearest Lindt,

Hope all has been well for you and your little princess. Just tot i will send you
some photos to express our thanks! 

Adele car final

Adele and Kenny

Dear Lindt

We are very excited to share the photos from our wedding with you. We
really love your recommendation to use sweet william for our wedding, which
fits our idea of a garden party as well as our budget.

Thank you once again for your excellent service despite us being very last
minute (and desperate) when we came to you :)

Zhang Er and Nic

Wedding at Suburbia (Sentosa) on 4th May’13

Zhang Er Final1

Zhang Er Final2

Zhang Er Final3

Hi Lindt,

I have enclosed some pictures of your flowers done for our ROM. Lovely.


12th May 2013 ROM at J bar (M hotel)


Dear Lindt,

Apologies for not emailing you back in January when our wedding was over
(Wedding Date: 27th January 2013, Venue – Chijmes Chapel). Congratulations
on your new born baby! I certainly hope this email finds you recovering
well; and finds both mother and baby in the pink of health.

I am writing this email because Robert and I would like to extend our
deepest gratitude to you.
We were pleasantly surprised by the exceptional service you gave us; it is
rare indeed to find someone truly enthusiastic, committed and fiercely
passionate about their work – and you belong to this rare group.

You were able to give extremely sound and sensible advice regarding the
arrangements/bouquets for bride/bridesmaids. We really appreciate you for
this as we were quite clueless

Customer service quality – From beginning to end you were professional,
positive and very prompt. You also ensured that you assuaged all of my
worries and you “managed the bride” extremely well. I am deeply grateful
to you for this. My father also says that working with you was a real

Honesty, Transparency and Sincerity – We felt that you dealt with us very
fairly and went out of your way to give us the price breakdowns – this
transparency made us trust you / your judgment, and it felt more like you
were a partner rather than a vendor

Results – On that day, many guests were gushing about the decor and the
flowers. Even Watabe Wedding (the venue vendors who we decided to stop
working with) were astounded by the size, the colours and quality of the
bouquets/flowers. It was indeed elegant, classy and very overwhelmingly

So, thank  you, thank you and thank you again.
We will definitely recommend you to our friends/acquaintances – and it
would be our pleasure to work with you again if the opportunity ever

Georgia Tan-Leland

Wedding at Chijmes (Venue decor, bridal bouquet, corsages, car decor)

Chijmes final1Chijmes final2Chijmes final3Chijmes final4

Dear Lindt,

Thanks alot once again for your help i gotten from you and your mum on that day!!
The flowers were really nice and i love it alot :D

Sorry i din manage to get a close up on the bouquet, but everyone was “wow” by the
ring pillow and i love it alot too…
Attached is the closed up on the ring pillow pics :D

Once again, i really thanks alot of making my day so prefect on my day…
And will look for you when we need flowers again on our actual day!! :D

Thanks so much heheh :D

Warmest Regards,

Ring pillow carnation-final

One fine day, i received a sms from 2 guys that needed our assistance in decorating a wedding venue.

So we meet up , and they are so young!
Turn out that they are helping to film a video showcasing a local band – The Summer State.

Seeing them with so much passion for their work, i decided to help them out with a very special rate and rendered as much assistance i could to them. Decorations done up on the pews, aisle, backdrop, reception table, hand bouquet and corsages.

And ta-dah!

Here is the link to the wonderful MTV done up :

Official Music Video :

Making of the Music Video

Enjoy! The song would be on 98.7FM too! Do support them! :)



Dear Lindt,

Thanks Lindt 85 Flowers for the incredible bouquet , hair flowers, corsages and car deco!

Esp the car deco, it was really a beauty. The whole flower theme colour combination matches so perfectly and everything makes us look so outstanding!

Excellent service, because our balloons for wedding came without ribbons just before we send in our car for deco , and i just asked Lindt if she can sell us ribbons and she offered it for free!

Thanks Lindt and mum, your flowers really make our wedding so beautiful! =)

From Jane and Adrian



Unique-Colours Creative Media – email :
Contact person : Adrian – 91444537 .

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