I am just surprise.. this month we have so many pink orders :)

So i decided to sharing some of our works here for our couples.

Carnation bouquet












In different shades of pink carnations. They really give the fluffy effect that we love!
And they survived very well in singapore hot hot hot weather.



Fushia roses hydrangeas









A combi of fushia roses and hydrangeas.  The pair of butterflies are actually “zhng” with crystals. Pardon my poor photography skill that they aren’t clear in this picture. Also added in some light pink sweet william to balance up the colour. This is definitely an attention grabbing bouquet :)

Combi pink












This bouquet was an surprise for the bride from the groom. He had emailed us secretly to include in a bridal bouquet to be presented to her during the church wedding.  We decided to go with the flow and created a gardenish combi bouquet for the bride that matches what we are going to decor for her church wedding. I hope she love the surprise!


Fushia pink wrist








Of course… customised wrist corsages in pearls for one of our brides.  This is hand made and we can customise them in any colour that is matching to your theme.

Dear all, please note below dates are fully booked

1) Sep – Fully booked, super peak after the chinese 7th month

2) Oct – Fully booked. Only can accept booking for hand bouquet and car decor
3) Nov – 2nd, 3rd, 10th, 24th, 25th
4) Dec – 1st, 2nd, 22nd
5) Jan and Feb 2013 we are not accepting any more new orders

Rest of the weekends, left very limited slot.

Thanks all for support!

Love pic
Love, Lindt and Mrs Teo

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