Dear Lindt,

It’s been awhile and hope all has been well for you. :) Heard that Bedok 85 is undergoing renovations for a year, I hope that doesn’t affect you too much! In any case, I’ve finally got all my photos from the wedding and would like to share some of them with you.

Once again, a huge huge thank you for the beautiful flowers and the setup. Thank you for being so thoughtful in remembering the details of our wedding and making sure that the flower/deco fit the entire event, and for being so patient and accommodating when it comes to our not so typical requests. Well, I did not manage to view the setup before the ceremony, but I was happily surprised when I walked down the aisle and saw how pretty the aisle stands, the balloons, petals and the flower arch was! The flower arch was one big highlight of the space, so thank you for taking the effort to put it together based on a very random picture I had sent to your for inspiration.

Not forgetting, I adored my hand bouquet! Went so perfectly with my gown (wide big grin) :) And oh, thank you for throwing in the matching corsages for the groomsmen as well. We really appreciate the thoughtful gesture!

Last but not least, it was indeed a pleasure working with you! We really enjoyed meeting you and really appreciated all the kind advice that you had given us.

From the both of us, we wish 85 flowers all the very best and we hope that your business will reach greater heights!

PSS: We’re holding our customary wedding next Jan, so I reckon we would be in touch with you very soon for those lovely flowers. :)

Cheers, Sharon and Nash
11.12.11 @ The Asian Civilisations Museum



Yeh, i know…. balloons are usually associated with children party. haha!

But with the right balloon colour and style choosen, it can brighten up any weddings as decor props too!


- Gold balloons tied with black lace.  The gold give a grand effect, while the black complement it with a mystic and interesting feel. @ACM asian civilisations museum


- Heartshape balloons . Fushia and white give a very sweet yet striking love in the air feel. Prefect for an outdoor wedding! @Safra NSRCC

- Transparent balloon.  Love bubbles but they disappear really fast?  Transparent balloon are the new “in” props to resolve your problem. Totally love the soft magical feel :) @ The Art House – gallery room

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