Dear couples,

As most of you might know by now, our market stall would be undergoing renovation for 1 year. During this period, we are operating as usual from our home :) So no worries, we are still around!

So since we would continue to work from home (actually we have been working from home for all wedding decors),  feel free to make an appointment with us to view our portfolio.  In the event if it’s inconvenient for you to come my house, we are also ok to meet up anywhere near Bedok Interchange.  So just let us know if you are around the corner, and we can meet you for a coffee :)

Our market stall had been around for a long time since our business was set up. It carries many wonderful memories. Late nights for Chinese festival & Valentines day, gathering and meet up for my friends & couples, my own wedding photoshoot! at my flower & Granny’s fruit stall…..


So in 2013, we would be looking forward to our new furnished stall, and we hope you will visit us too!

See you!! :)

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