Hi Lindt,

Thanks for the careful attention to detail and the creativity that
went into making our Fall-inspired garden wedding such a smashing
success.  Our guests loved the Autumn accents you had so painstakingly
recreated at the wedding, from the flowers right down to the use of
seasonal fruits such as pumpkins and red apples (they went really well
with the Thanksgiving menu!).  Even our photographer commented on the
clever use of vases with different heights at the dining tables, and
the ring pillows decorated with pom poms

Send my regards to your mom and let her know how happy we were with the wedding.

Mei & Wayne
Wedding 26th Nov 2011

Mei final1

Mei final12
Behind the scene! :)
Mei final13

Hi Lindt,

Sorry for the delay. I have been busy for my assignments and final exam non-stop
since my ROM. Finally have time to sort out the pictures.
Thanks for the wonderful favors that enables us to share the sweetness with our guests.
And the hydrangea flower stand has become the most popular photo zone for all my

And the cauliflower bouquet has caused some wow here and there from my guests. They
all love it and play around with it, although I heard that the best man who got the
bouquet had given to his mother for cooking curry.
And I love the main table area, it is so sweet and delightful to have some balloons
floating and most of the guests took the balloons before leaving. And thank you for
fulfilling my dream to have a martini glass of roses as table arrangement! It looked
so glamorous.

Last but not least, I would like to thank for your effort for making me a happy
bride! You are patient to discuss the details with me, and try your best to fulfill
all my requests within a limited budget. Good job and keep it on!

Regards,Elaine & Wai Hong

Hi Mrs Teo and Lindt
Photos “hot n fresh” from my photographer!
Appreciated the help and services rendered to me for my BIG day on 11.11.11.
Attached are some photos of the wrist corsages,bridal car and my bridal bouquet!
Lastly Thanks so much and hope 85 Flowers will end 2011 with a blast and great year
in 2012!! 
11th Nov 2011


Hi Lindt,

I know this is long overdue, but thanks a lot for doing the decor at my
wedding last month! :)

Grace Soh
22nd Oct 2011


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