fruit flower

fruit flower2

I think I just made my grandma proud by in-cooperating her fruits into my flowers arrangement!

Love how the refreshing smell from the lemon fill the whole ballroom :)

And also green apples which looks so yummy that the guests can take and bite them if they get too hungry waiting for the banquet to start.

I am sure the guests at Fort Canning Hotel love them as much as I do!

Dear Mrs Teo & Lindt,

First & foremost, both me and my husband would like to thank you for the wonderful
warm service that you and your mum has provided. Although i had only 1 meetup with
your mum at the market when i came back to Singapore for that 1 short trip to
finalise everything, we were very happy with your mum’s advise as well as yours on
the flowers.

Have attached some photos and here’s also wishing 85flowers’s business to bloom
prosperously like flowers :)

Thank you both once again :D

Cheng Teng & Alexandre

chengteng final



Dear Lindt,

I’m sorry for the late photos. I just received it today. Just wanna thank you for
creating the perfect flowers for the wedding. Although the shower destroyed the
flower tree you created, we could still catch a few that survived. It was really
poignant with the cherubim as the backdrop. They were exactly as we’ve envisioned
them to be.

 Thank you for the wonderful suggestions and being so prompt with your
reply.You’ve made my planning a lot easier. 

Nathalie Chen


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