Dear Lindt,

This note was late as I was waiting for the pictures.
Siong Huat & I wanted to thank you so much for the lovely bouquet.
I really love it very much.

(Yes, I am still gushing over my bouquet, ha! Kept a picture of it in my
handphone to look at it)

Our sincere thanks for your help and wonderful service.

Siong Huat & Weiting


Dear Lindt,

Sorry this thank you note is so late as I was waiting for the pictures, so
that I can send some to you as well.  Thank you for the lovely bouquet & the
car decor which you’ve put together for us.

During my sister’s and another friend’s wedding, the bride forgot her hand
bouquet.  So when it was my turn, I kept reminding myself to remember the
hand bouquet.  But ended up, I forgot my hand bouquet as well (while walking
down the aisle)… …

But thank you all the same.  The flowers were really lovely.

Corinne & Wayne.

Hi Lindt,

Thank you for your help in doing up our flowers and corsages during our recent
wedding. We deeply appreciate you and 85Flowers for your expertise and for making
our wedding such a beautiful and memorable one.

The flowers and corsages that you recommended us are all very nice. Throughout the
wedding preparation, you have continued to maintain open channels of communication
with my wife and I, and you’ve helped us to decide on the color theme. The guests
commented that the hand bouquet was indeed very nice. Our young flower girls were
absolutely delighted with the small hand bouquet flowers as well.

In all, we want to commend you for a great job done, and best wishes to you and your
company. =)

Soon Onn & Joy (5 March 2011 wedding)

Our very newly created design bridal car decor!

The sashes in the picture is actually Indian Sari which we used it to match to our couple’s theme. 

Chinese Cheongsum or Malay Kebaya material is also able to create similar effect for you too!

So why go for boring material when you now can have beautiful embroidery cloth to enhance your very own bridal car :)



Hi Lindt,

Just happen to browse through 85 Flowers blog and thought maybe we should send you
those photos which our PG has took on our wedding day so that you could add to your
blog =)

Anyway, thank you so much for the flowers decor.. I really love pink and white,
especially the Bucket of Daisies along the Aisle.. not forgetting the bouquets for
my sisters & the headcrown for the flower girls =)
Thank for the extra mile you’ve took to find the polka dot ribbons for us so as to
match our theme (=^o^=)

Attached are some of the pictures !




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