Hi Lindt,

Thanks for the careful attention to detail and the creativity that
went into making our Fall-inspired garden wedding such a smashing
success.  Our guests loved the Autumn accents you had so painstakingly
recreated at the wedding, from the flowers right down to the use of
seasonal fruits such as pumpkins and red apples (they went really well
with the Thanksgiving menu!).  Even our photographer commented on the
clever use of vases with different heights at the dining tables, and
the ring pillows decorated with pom poms

Send my regards to your mom and let her know how happy we were with the wedding.

Mei & Wayne
Wedding 26th Nov 2011

Mei final1

Mei final12
Behind the scene! :)
Mei final13

Hi Lindt,

Sorry for the delay. I have been busy for my assignments and final exam non-stop
since my ROM. Finally have time to sort out the pictures.
Thanks for the wonderful favors that enables us to share the sweetness with our guests.
And the hydrangea flower stand has become the most popular photo zone for all my

And the cauliflower bouquet has caused some wow here and there from my guests. They
all love it and play around with it, although I heard that the best man who got the
bouquet had given to his mother for cooking curry.
And I love the main table area, it is so sweet and delightful to have some balloons
floating and most of the guests took the balloons before leaving. And thank you for
fulfilling my dream to have a martini glass of roses as table arrangement! It looked
so glamorous.

Last but not least, I would like to thank for your effort for making me a happy
bride! You are patient to discuss the details with me, and try your best to fulfill
all my requests within a limited budget. Good job and keep it on!

Regards,Elaine & Wai Hong

Hi Mrs Teo and Lindt
Photos “hot n fresh” from my photographer!
Appreciated the help and services rendered to me for my BIG day on 11.11.11.
Attached are some photos of the wrist corsages,bridal car and my bridal bouquet!
Lastly Thanks so much and hope 85 Flowers will end 2011 with a blast and great year
in 2012!! 
11th Nov 2011


Hi Lindt,

I know this is long overdue, but thanks a lot for doing the decor at my
wedding last month! :)

Grace Soh
22nd Oct 2011


Dear Lindt,

Hope you are well! It’s been a while, and we are finally settled back in London!

I just wanted to say thank you so much again for providing our personal wedding
flowers. It’s been such a joy working with you and the flowers are gorgeous! My
bouquet lasted through the whole day too.. and just as well, as we had an impromptu
bouquet toss at the end of the evening :)

I thought I’d send some pictures. You might also like to know that we have a feature
in ExtraOrdinary Weddings..and of course, I’ve recommended you on the Dream Team


Thank you once again, and the very best of wishes to you.



Dear Lindt and Mrs Teo,

my wedding pics are hot from the oven, would like to say a great thank you
for your services,

was particularly impressed when Mrs Teo informed me that she had went to
check the peonies 1 week before our actual day .

thanks to her, i now have a even more unique bouquet.

Once again , thanks so much,

attached are some pics of the bouquet and car deco

Diana Zheng


Sharing some pictures taken at The Ballroom @ Raffles hotel done on 2nd of Oct.

Love the colour combination of fushia and baby pink hydrangeas for the VIP tables :)

Raffles Hotel2

And also lots of multi height vases that holds cymbidium orchids and matthiola with lotsa tealights…..

Raffles Hotel4

 You can view more picture here http://85flowers.com.sg/contents/?page_id=112&album=5&gallery=47

I received lovely photos from Diana !  She looked so happy for her wedding :)



Special credits to:

NicoleHi Lindt & Mdm Teo,

Thank you so much for the beautiful tulips bouquet and flowers made for my
ROM in February. Sorry for taking so long to send u the pictures. Have been
busy planning for my banquet. =p



Received a very sweet sms with beautiful pics from Anitha that brightens my day :)

The bouquet was beautiful…. Thank You!


I am back!!!

Initially i thought i would be very free in Aug (Due to chinese hungry ghost festival), but i am sooo000 occupied!
First we have national day celebration, and we also have president election day. Wow! And with so many public holiday, thats means we can arrange alot of meet up with our lovely couples :)


After our creation of Bucket of Love, here we present our new collection Glass of Happiness!

glass pew

glass pew2

Part 2 of our fruits collection

This time with red apples, love the vibrant colour matches with the blinks crystals. Definitely a headturner hand bouquet!

Of course, special thanks to Trina who trusted us with this important task. This idea was born after the bride told us that her nickname was Apple :)

Apple bouquet

Apple bouquet2

Pictures pictures pictures from the lovely couple!

Prakash and Suba have engaged us for the big day held at Hort Park.  We are happy to work with her for almost every single item involved their wedding :) Wedding cars, Venue decorations, bridal bouquet, bridemaid bouquet, groomman and family corsages.  The couple decided to going for a very loud  theme with many butterflies for their wedding. We have artificial butterflies decorated on almost everything even on the wedding cake! haha!

Here, let’s the pictures do the talking!




More beautiful pictures on this wedding have been updated in our venue decoration gallery.
You can click on the below link to access to the page.
Click me!


I always think once in a lifetime…
a girl should own an item from that shop that comes with the Little Blue Box.

And now the bridal car come with it!  A Big Blue Tiffany & Co Box :)

tiffany car

 *I do wonder if the groom put something special in the big box for her bride*

And of course, they are Just Married!
And how about a matching hand bouquet?

tiffany car 2

tiffany car bouquet

fruit flower

fruit flower2

I think I just made my grandma proud by in-cooperating her fruits into my flowers arrangement!

Love how the refreshing smell from the lemon fill the whole ballroom :)

And also green apples which looks so yummy that the guests can take and bite them if they get too hungry waiting for the banquet to start.

I am sure the guests at Fort Canning Hotel love them as much as I do!

Dear Mrs Teo & Lindt,

First & foremost, both me and my husband would like to thank you for the wonderful
warm service that you and your mum has provided. Although i had only 1 meetup with
your mum at the market when i came back to Singapore for that 1 short trip to
finalise everything, we were very happy with your mum’s advise as well as yours on
the flowers.

Have attached some photos and here’s also wishing 85flowers’s business to bloom
prosperously like flowers :)

Thank you both once again :D

Cheng Teng & Alexandre

chengteng final



Dear Lindt,

I’m sorry for the late photos. I just received it today. Just wanna thank you for
creating the perfect flowers for the wedding. Although the shower destroyed the
flower tree you created, we could still catch a few that survived. It was really
poignant with the cherubim as the backdrop. They were exactly as we’ve envisioned
them to be.

 Thank you for the wonderful suggestions and being so prompt with your
reply.You’ve made my planning a lot easier. 

Nathalie Chen


Dear Lindt and 85 flowers team,

This testimonial came rather late! Nevertheless, i would like to thank you for such a awesome bouquet that you guys have created! It came to a surprise for me when Mrs Teo offered to give some extra flowers to be used as hair accessories during the photoshoot!

The bouquet was nicely wrapped and the ribbon for the bouquet fit my gown sash PERFECTLY. :) I had actually wanted aliums for my photoshoot bouquet. However, aliums are seasonal flowers and it would definitely cost alot more. Imagine how i squealed in delight when i found out that you guys have an alternative and it was exactly what i would like to have for the bouquet! Not to mention, the flowers really stood the test of heat! They were still looking fresh and happy on the 2nd day!

I have attached a few photos for you!

Once again, thank you so much! :)


jaslyn combi


Hi Lindt,

It has been a great & happy experience engaging your services for bridal bouquet, car deco, corsages & venue decor. Appreciate all the helpful suggestions and honest opinions you’ve given too. Attached are some of the the pictures that speak a thousand words.

The complimentary hair flowers that you gave generously came as a pleasant surprise! It totally enhanced my make-up & hairdo for the evening @ HortPark. Your passion and enthusiasm in providing the best for every couple’s Big day could be felt while liasing with you throughemail and via phone. Wanna encourage you and Mrs Teo to keep up the wonderful work!

May God flourish your business abundantly as you continue to give your best for each client that comes knocking on your door… =)

Cheers and God bless,

Francis & Lijuan =)



Hi Lindt

I just wanted to drop you an email to say a huge thank you for the reallly
amazing flowers. The flowers in the Church were very beautiful and the ones
in the dining hall added the dose of colour I wanted beautifully. My
bridesmaids were also very impressed by the posies, haha, the colour of the
ranunculus and roses really popped. Thank you for your great service and I
will definitely recommend your services to my other friends needing floral
services. Thanks so much!

Kind regards
Wedding: 9th April 2011

 Dear Lindt,

 Thank you for the lovely bouquet & the car decoration. I really love it very much.

 As you may know, I am a lazy bride. I don’t even choose the flower colour / type /theme but just telling you my gown’s colour and preference then you can make it so wonderful for me. Thank you once again!

 Attached some of the photos to share. Will definitely recommend to other friends.
Ps: my friend – Jessica also your client o! Ha^^


Robin & WeeChin
(06 Mar 2011)

Dear Mrs. Teo,

Thank you so much for the wonderful orchid arrangements for our Solmnisation
ceremony on 2nd April 2011. The orchids were really lovely and it matches our
venue (Orchid Country Club) so much. Many of our friends gave praises on the
lovely arrangements and even ask for contacts of your mum’s stall, I gave them
instantly.  I even gave away one tin of orchids to my close buddy for her to
bring home as she loved them so much and the other one is def for myself. Thank
you once again to Mrs. Teo and yourself  Cheers!




Dear Lindt,

This note was late as I was waiting for the pictures.
Siong Huat & I wanted to thank you so much for the lovely bouquet.
I really love it very much.

(Yes, I am still gushing over my bouquet, ha! Kept a picture of it in my
handphone to look at it)

Our sincere thanks for your help and wonderful service.

Siong Huat & Weiting


Dear Lindt,

Sorry this thank you note is so late as I was waiting for the pictures, so
that I can send some to you as well.  Thank you for the lovely bouquet & the
car decor which you’ve put together for us.

During my sister’s and another friend’s wedding, the bride forgot her hand
bouquet.  So when it was my turn, I kept reminding myself to remember the
hand bouquet.  But ended up, I forgot my hand bouquet as well (while walking
down the aisle)… …

But thank you all the same.  The flowers were really lovely.

Corinne & Wayne.

Hi Lindt,

Thank you for your help in doing up our flowers and corsages during our recent
wedding. We deeply appreciate you and 85Flowers for your expertise and for making
our wedding such a beautiful and memorable one.

The flowers and corsages that you recommended us are all very nice. Throughout the
wedding preparation, you have continued to maintain open channels of communication
with my wife and I, and you’ve helped us to decide on the color theme. The guests
commented that the hand bouquet was indeed very nice. Our young flower girls were
absolutely delighted with the small hand bouquet flowers as well.

In all, we want to commend you for a great job done, and best wishes to you and your
company. =)

Soon Onn & Joy (5 March 2011 wedding)

Our very newly created design bridal car decor!

The sashes in the picture is actually Indian Sari which we used it to match to our couple’s theme. 

Chinese Cheongsum or Malay Kebaya material is also able to create similar effect for you too!

So why go for boring material when you now can have beautiful embroidery cloth to enhance your very own bridal car :)



Hi Lindt,

Just happen to browse through 85 Flowers blog and thought maybe we should send you
those photos which our PG has took on our wedding day so that you could add to your
blog =)

Anyway, thank you so much for the flowers decor.. I really love pink and white,
especially the Bucket of Daisies along the Aisle.. not forgetting the bouquets for
my sisters & the headcrown for the flower girls =)
Thank for the extra mile you’ve took to find the polka dot ribbons for us so as to
match our theme (=^o^=)

Attached are some of the pictures !




Daphne AD2


Hi Lindt and family

We would like to thank you and your family for the wonderful and 
thoughtful work.
The flowers and decor turned out exactly as we imagined it, but had so 
much difficulty articulating to you.
It’s as though you read our minds. Our wedding would not have been so 
cheerful, lighthearted and whimsical if not for the shades of 
champagne, yellow and orange.
In fact, my husband just bought valentine’s flowers from you, because 
he knew that otherwise I will scold him for wasting money if he had 
gone to any other florist!

Thank you once again!
Daphne & Kee Seng
Daphne AD6Daphne AD7
Daphne AD5

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine

You make me happy, when skies are grey

You’ll never know dear, how much i love you

Please dont take my sunshine away


Actress Michelle Chia has a crystal bouquet for her wedding.

We have a Twinkle Star bouquet for your wedding too!


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