I researched that light purple makes you calm and cool while dark purple give you more  power and attention.

Isnt that what all bridemaid need in her wrist corsages?
Calm and cool to help the bride on her big day, while power and attention to ’sabo’ the groommen. Haha!
Dont you just love it? :) corsages bead

corsages purple

So sorry for the lack of posts!

Many friends joke with me how we can take a rest during the 7th month as seldom people get married during this particular month. But we seems to be more busy finalising the details with many couples getting married in the 4th qtr of the year, meeting up and buying stuffs from supplier. Also its a good time to brainstorming new ideas and flowers mix…..

I always think The Art House (The Old Parliament House) is a really nice place to get married there. Althought it had been restored, the interior design still remain and its now one of Spore oldest government building. I have the honour of dolling this place up for a lovely couple Robert and Jessica today. They have booked the “Chamber” , “Blue” and “Gallery” room. And since its such a special place, i thought of sharing with you here.

(You can click on the pic to enlarge the image)

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