The day –  25th Oct 2009,  passed so fast that i dont know even why till now.
Its such a magical day:)

Sharing with you my wedding bouquet done by my mummy…..
Wedding theme colour was green and white.
And mainly just orchids in different species  for bouquets, for hair, for corsages, for ballroom decor, for car decor, as petals :)  

Yay! I really love orchids!!

My bouquet – white phalaenopsis with blinks blinks!



*Many thanks for all my family and friends who helped us out. We definitely could not have the prefect wedding if not for them. Its no joke rushing out own bouquets and bridal stuffs for own wedding! I even have to engaged my manicurist to come at 10pm the night before to my house to do our nails! Big hugs to all* 


Hi Lindt and Mrs Teo,

A Big Thank You for all your superb warm services, hardwork and recommendations for my Wedding Floral Decorations at 1-twentysix.

I am so glad when you and your mommy accepted my wedding floral plan which fall on CNY. With all your careful considerations and responsible attitude, really gives me alot of assuring and confidences, especially my husband and I were working oversea. As expected, the place was nicely decorated more than I ever imagined. I received a lot of compliments from my guests too, they LOVE IT and appreciating in details. From the balloons prop, entrance, reception table, centerpiece to Cymbidiums Bouquet! Girls love the dangling bouquet!

The bouquet on my ROM day was very sweet and matches my dress! It was simple and elegent like I requested. I love it from the first sight. I took the remaining orchids of 1-twentysix party to deco the soleminzation area and my hairpiece. The outcome is amazing sweet. Thanks to be part of my Wedding Team!

Flower85 You Rocks Max!

With lotsa Thanks,
Fiona and Chiho




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