Did we mentioned that we always try to create something different for every bride?!
You deserve the best on your big day!

Haha i seldom take picture of bouquets recently, really too busy and somehow i am not a good photographer too ….. so brides send in your pic to me! Deeply appreciate it!

Ok, so here are some……  :)




serina cust

Hi Lindt,

Attached are some photos we took at after our ROM.

Everything happened so fast but all went well. The flowers are pretty; thanks so much.


Lindt : I look forward to dolling up your church wedding next year too!

I know i have been slow and lag in updating this website.
I still trying to find some time to do a summary for Q2 from Apr to June…. sorry its quite the peak season for wedding. Guess everyone wanted to avoid the chinese 7th mth. haha!

So just some preview of the 2 church decor which i have done on Jul3 which i like very much.

Newton Life Church

Church of Saint-Francis Xavier


Testimonial Kyreen


Dearest Mrs Teo and Lindt,
Sorry for taking so long to write this email.
We want to say a big THANK YOU for all the work that you did for our special
night. :)

We wanted to share with you some of our favorite photos.

Jason and Kyreen

Bridal items: Hand bouquet, Corsages
Decoration done at :The Verve

Testimonial Kyreen2Testimonial Kyreen3Testimonial Kyreen4Testimonial Kyreen5

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