Hi Lindt

So sorry for this late email as we’ve all along wanted to thank you for the
beautiful bouquet and bridal car decor. Actually was eagerly waiting for our
wedding photos from our photographer to send to you but one month has passed
and we still have no news from him..  nonetheless, thought should just
drop you a note of appreciation and we liked the hand bouquet a lot and also
the decor on the car made heads turn wherever we went on that day.

Will email you the photos once available and thanks so much once again!  :)

Joe & Madeline

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I received a facebook message and saw its from one of our bride – Jessica!


She had written a really nice testimonial for us in her wedding blog. *thank you*

An extract from her post:  
Starting from our ROM, The Wife has hunted down Mrs Teo from 85 Flowers for our ROM bouquet. We were so pleased with our results that we decided to solicit the help of Mrs Teo and her daughter Lindt once again for our wedding bouquet and bridal car decor. 

Armed with very minimal information like our wedding theme, The Wife’s favourite flowers as well as photos of The Husband’s silver Terios that we are going to use as our wedding car, we emailed Mrs Teo. 
Depending solely on email communications with Lindt, we managed to confirm for our bouquet, groom’s and parents’ corsages as well as bridal car decor. 

We put a lot of trust in Mrs Teo and Lindt to read our minds and oh my they really did! The final products were exactly what we have in mind and complimented so well with our theme! Lindt is very professional and gave advice when The Wife wanted red geberras as the main wedding flower (only real ones were available but Lindt assured that they will be able to last in our hot and humid climate). Best of all, the prices were reasonable, service friendly and flexible. 

See Jessica’s link here for her full story on us!


Zoey: Thank you for your flower arrangement for our ROM (9 july 2010).
I really love it.



Karen : Still remembered a year ago that Mrs Teo has got us
the most beautiful bridal bouquet on that day!





Wow! I got to believe Oct is the hottest month to get married!

Yah, that might also explains the lack of post from my blog. haha!

Managed to take some picture of the decor we did, but not all… sometime so busy until forgot to bring camera out. So brides please send me some pic if you have ok? :) Here’s some that we did at Royal China@ Raffles Hotel, The Art Museum, Condos and Churches…

I researched that light purple makes you calm and cool while dark purple give you more  power and attention.

Isnt that what all bridemaid need in her wrist corsages?
Calm and cool to help the bride on her big day, while power and attention to ’sabo’ the groommen. Haha!
Dont you just love it? :) corsages bead

corsages purple

So sorry for the lack of posts!

Many friends joke with me how we can take a rest during the 7th month as seldom people get married during this particular month. But we seems to be more busy finalising the details with many couples getting married in the 4th qtr of the year, meeting up and buying stuffs from supplier. Also its a good time to brainstorming new ideas and flowers mix…..

I always think The Art House (The Old Parliament House) is a really nice place to get married there. Althought it had been restored, the interior design still remain and its now one of Spore oldest government building. I have the honour of dolling this place up for a lovely couple Robert and Jessica today. They have booked the “Chamber” , “Blue” and “Gallery” room. And since its such a special place, i thought of sharing with you here.

(You can click on the pic to enlarge the image)

The day –  25th Oct 2009,  passed so fast that i dont know even why till now.
Its such a magical day:)

Sharing with you my wedding bouquet done by my mummy…..
Wedding theme colour was green and white.
And mainly just orchids in different species  for bouquets, for hair, for corsages, for ballroom decor, for car decor, as petals :)  

Yay! I really love orchids!!

My bouquet – white phalaenopsis with blinks blinks!



*Many thanks for all my family and friends who helped us out. We definitely could not have the prefect wedding if not for them. Its no joke rushing out own bouquets and bridal stuffs for own wedding! I even have to engaged my manicurist to come at 10pm the night before to my house to do our nails! Big hugs to all* 


Hi Lindt and Mrs Teo,

A Big Thank You for all your superb warm services, hardwork and recommendations for my Wedding Floral Decorations at 1-twentysix.

I am so glad when you and your mommy accepted my wedding floral plan which fall on CNY. With all your careful considerations and responsible attitude, really gives me alot of assuring and confidences, especially my husband and I were working oversea. As expected, the place was nicely decorated more than I ever imagined. I received a lot of compliments from my guests too, they LOVE IT and appreciating in details. From the balloons prop, entrance, reception table, centerpiece to Cymbidiums Bouquet! Girls love the dangling bouquet!

The bouquet on my ROM day was very sweet and matches my dress! It was simple and elegent like I requested. I love it from the first sight. I took the remaining orchids of 1-twentysix party to deco the soleminzation area and my hairpiece. The outcome is amazing sweet. Thanks to be part of my Wedding Team!

Flower85 You Rocks Max!

With lotsa Thanks,
Fiona and Chiho




Did we mentioned that we always try to create something different for every bride?!
You deserve the best on your big day!

Haha i seldom take picture of bouquets recently, really too busy and somehow i am not a good photographer too ….. so brides send in your pic to me! Deeply appreciate it!

Ok, so here are some……  :)




serina cust

Hi Lindt,

Attached are some photos we took at after our ROM.

Everything happened so fast but all went well. The flowers are pretty; thanks so much.


Lindt : I look forward to dolling up your church wedding next year too!

I know i have been slow and lag in updating this website.
I still trying to find some time to do a summary for Q2 from Apr to June…. sorry its quite the peak season for wedding. Guess everyone wanted to avoid the chinese 7th mth. haha!

So just some preview of the 2 church decor which i have done on Jul3 which i like very much.

Newton Life Church

Church of Saint-Francis Xavier


Testimonial Kyreen


Dearest Mrs Teo and Lindt,
Sorry for taking so long to write this email.
We want to say a big THANK YOU for all the work that you did for our special
night. :)

We wanted to share with you some of our favorite photos.

Jason and Kyreen

Bridal items: Hand bouquet, Corsages
Decoration done at :The Verve

Testimonial Kyreen2Testimonial Kyreen3Testimonial Kyreen4Testimonial Kyreen5

mariam 2Mariam
Photos taken by (http://www.simplifai.com)

Hi Lindt,

Thank you very much for your patience & advice for the choice of my wedding bouquet.
was initially worried on how the flowers would turn out but when I received it on my
big day, I was elated with joy as it was simply beautiful. even everyone commented
that my bouquet complemented my 3 different gowns. thank you & keep up the good


Black Beauty – BMW 523i XL for rental

Our bridal car is renting at $488 for actual day, inclusive of driver and petrol.
Max 5 trips, additional trip at $50.
*Most of the time, 5 trips is more than enough for normal schedule*

And for a limited period  for new sign up, you can have your choice of artificial flower car decor FREE!
Yes, you can choose any color combination  to suit your wedding theme, and we customise it to your design.

Bridal car rental + Bridal car decor = $488!

So if you are looking for wedding car rental for your big day, look no further!Contact us now! enquiry@85flowers.com.sg

Thanks for all the prompt responses. You had made our day special. Everyone were full with praises for the car deco and the flower bouquet. They say the flower bouquet is nice, beautiful and most import skill must be put it to make it so stable and elegant.
We love you. Thanks for being part of our journey to join as one.


Jessica and Estonia

This is a pure blue roses with baby breath simple bouquet for a bride (Apple) who engaged MUA – Angel for her big day.



Testimonial by the bride:
“Thanks Angel For Making me so pretty,Love yr make up n Hair Do.. Flowers Blue Roses very Nice too ^_^”

You can reach Angel at:

Angel Chua Professional Makeup Artist
Hp : +6596569231
Email : angelmua06@hotmail.com

And oh….. i almost forgot, my another client’s makeup was also done up by her!

leonard and tiff

To my Mummy who work so hard…..

To all brides who became Mummies already…..

To all brides who are looking forward to being Mummies soon!



Photos all courtesy by the couple – Rick and Sara
Taken by their photographer Gabriel – www.visuallyentertained.com

Hi Lindt,

Thank you for the lovely bouquet and the wonderful service you and your mum
provided us with, for our Solemnisation!

Despite the slight differences on the colour that your mum highlighted to us
the day before, we are still very happy with the final bouquet we received
eventually. Many of our friends and relatives also gave praises on the
lovely and special bouquet that I had. It definitely added more colour and
life to our memorable day!

Will definitely recommend your services to our friends and relatives
around…and you will be hearing from us again soon for our customary and
actual dinner! =D

Do take care!

Many thanks,

Rick and Sara

Items: Bridal bouquet, car decors, corsages for parents, bridemaid

ben_paurene car

The bridal bouquet has been created with my fav flowers and a beautiful shade of colors recommended by Lindt and her mum! Special thanks to them for their valuable time and effort


Darryl from Dazza (www.dazza.sg)  had been so nice to send me some photos of what we have done up for our clients.

His works really brings out the vividness of the flowers!

Just take a look at it  :)

Tiffany and Leonard


Valene & Issac





The 1st Qtr  for 2010 had ended in a blink….
Jan ~ March had been interesting for us  :)


Not only we face the hectic schedule of CNY, there is also Valentine day which falls on the same day.  Oh gosh!

I was basically a “panda” on the 1st day of CNY when doing the routine visiting at my relative’s house, haha! Who can blame when I have only less than 4hours of sleep while camping 3D2N at the stall. The crowd turnout was so unexpected, we pretty much clear out all the flowers by the 2nd night before CNY. Yippy! And I finally have the chance to travel to Japan for my honeymoon since getting married in Oct last year.  A really belated honeymoon celebration…. haha!

A few decor jobs we did during the past few months…
*I think I almost “camp” at Sentosa for the most weekends in March too!*


  • The Blessed Sacrament Church 

blue ball


  • City Harvest Church

     (Back for the 2nd time)



  • The Majestic Hotel


  •  Halia @ Botanic Garden

    (Back for the 3rd time)




  • Singapore Art Museum



  • Braise Restaurant@ Sentosa



  • Suburbia @Sentosa


  • Intercontinental Hotel 


  •  Church of Christcc1 



  •   Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery (Pics coming soon!)

  •  Rasa Sentosa Spa and Resort (Pics coming soon!)

  • Mint Museum of Toys (Pics coming soon!)

  •  One-Twentysix@ East Coast  (Pics coming soon!)




Thank you all for your great support! We are looking forward to a busy month for May and June :)
Stay tune for more photos to be uploaded into the gallery!

Items order: Hand bouquet for ROM and Actual day, Corsages, Fish tank decor as angbox box.

karen rom

 karen wedding




Special Thanks to Mrs Teo and Lindt


We sincerely would like to thank both of you for the effort put in for our wedding. The flowers were fresh and beautifully designed. There were many praises for the Ang Bow ‘Tank’ and hand bouquet, specially the Calla Lilies – it really goes with my gown. I am glad I listen to your advice when we are choosing the design and colour.


We are so glad that we found this team of passionate florists who are willing to do your best effort to provide your customers with the best.


Good work and I will definitely recommend it to my relatives and friends.


*Sorry for the late testimonial ya. :) Cheers


Best Regards,

Karen Lim

Venue Decor – The Sail Condo
Items ordered : Venue decor, hand bouquets, corsages, car decor
hi Lindt,
Happy New Year! I’ve finally gotten my photos from my photographer and am attaching some for you. Unfortunately, there is no clear shot of the bridal car. I really loved what your mum did to the bridal car as the whole look was very classy.
Anyway, thank you once again for the job well-done. It was such a joy and ease working with you and your mum. Keep in touch! Hopefully I have more events ( friends’ ) coming up that will require your help again.


Zuraidah here and I’m back from my honeymoon. I  would like to share pics of the lovely bouquet ur Mom made for my wedding.
U may use the pics to build up ur mum’s already substantial portfolio.. :)


Thanks again for the excellent service. I’ll be sure to spread the word!


Venue Decor @ The Art Museum
Items ordered: Venue decor, hand bouquet


Hi Lindt,

Thank you SO much for today!! Everyone loved the flowers and commented that the roses were so beautiful :) :):)

Most likely will order another bouquet fon 5th Dec!

Thanks again!

Items ordered : Hand bouquet, car decor, misc venue decor items



Dearest Mrs Teo and Lindt

Please accept my thanks for all the time and effort you both had put in for my ROM. Especially so, for calling on the suppliers to check if the peonies I’d wanted were at all available. Despite the fact that they weren’t, you both understood my preferences and were very patient in explaining the different flowers types that I would fancy. In the end – you produced this stunning bouquet that I absolutely fell in love with!

It was great being able to work with such cheerful and accomodating folks. Thanks again for everything – the car deco, the fresh flower petals, flower cones, the corsage, THE Bouquet : )

P.S Attached’s a picture I took with my phone while waiting in the hotel room – nothing professional, just for your keepsake! ;)


Decor venue : Chong Hua Tong Tou Teck Hwee
jannis 2
Hi Lindt,
I’ve found some nice photos of u guys works. U can take a look and decide which to upload2ur website too since e stage photo u hae initially was w/o cake & glasses & e seat cover ribbons too :)
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